Saturday, February 12, 2011

When A Ferret goes to his Veterinary in Canada Winter ....

It is me Petit Ours !

Mommy took those photos two weeks ago .. but she didn't have yet the time to upload them.
As many of you already knows I am suffering from allergies because perhaps something wrong with my immune system.(what the doctor said)
Two weeks ago I have started a new alternative medicine treatment, and today was my recheck and there is a little improvement ... YEAH !!!!!So I continue the new medicine and Mom will increase the dosage since I am  tolerating the herbal treatment very well, and Mom will decrease the prednisone. YEAH !!!
Ok the pictures now from two weeks ago. I am in Canada, and it is soooo cold !
Ferrets have a very fast intestinal tract, so a litter pan is useful, if I want to pee or poop I can retain myself a little time ( a few minutes)  but not so long.  
Well that is my big carrier. Mommy opened it in two parts.

 She did 2 holes in the back of the carrier to attach the litter pan, Mommy don't want anymore to let me have a lot of fun to make all upside-down ...
 News paper pellet litter is the best, no dust for my fragile lungs ...
 Mommy Rebuilt my carrier and add an hammock ... that is so fun !
 Adding a sleep sack and Wrapping the carrier in a blanket ...
 And attach all the kit with an old scarf, very practice !
 And now it is time to begin  the inspection  ... Ok ... she didn't forget the scarf ! Good !!! Good !!!

What did she put inside ?
 Sounds good !

Good I have my hammock !!! the trip will be nice :D

 Sleep sack too !
Ok Mommy it is  Ferret approved !!!
 Yep there is snow ... view from my kitchen window ...

Attaching The carrier on the back seat, since on the front seat, the weight is too much light and the security airbag doesn't detect it. Mommy  has tried everything,  with no success ... So she attaches  me on the back, at least the 2 front seats will make a protection and there are airbags on the back seat.

Putting my nose through the  door carrier.

If only my head was able to go through this square !

Now both Mommy and me are ready to the long trip to visit my vet ... 45 minutes on the road if there is no traffic !



  1. ce n'est pas une BD ... mais on y est presque ... j'ai bien ri ...
    Je vois que le système D fonctionne chez vous aussi.
    Petit Ours égal à lui même ... vraiment "trop".
    Compliments à la photographe également
    Gros bisous

  2. LoL ... Bien oui pas le choix de se creuser un peu la cervelle surtout avec des furets ... ils ont même le pouvoir de nous rendre + intelligents ... Quelles créatures !!!

    Merci Papa de ta visite :)

  3. so cute, I love how you made the carrier, the custom made carriers for ferrets you buy online are so expensive but this is a great way to transport Lil Bear. :D

  4. Always trying our best to make sure they are comfortable ... online stuff for ferrets are always expensive !!!