Thursday, February 3, 2011

Doodle - My new Ferret Little Girl

A new little girl entered in Petit Ours life and my life.
Doodle is 4 years old
She is truly adorable
She just need time to know that Petit Ours wants only to be her brother
For now, she is very shy and even a little scared about Petit Ours.
I think (and hope) all will be fine in no long time ...
Previous Doodle's Mom was so very sick and searched a new Mom for Doodle
So I am :D

Lil Bear (Petit Ours) searching for Doodle ...

Brushy tail from Bear ... LoL



  1. Elle est magnifique la petite furette... c'est sympa de les voir tous les 2 se courir après ... surtout Petit Ours après Doodle ... Timide, elle commence à s'intéresser à Petit Ours mais ne s'avance pas trop encore ... mais ça viendra ... et Petit Ours complètement aplati sur le sol ... marrant ... Doodle est très "photogénique" ... d'une belle couleur, elle a un beau petit museau ...
    Merci Marie de la présentation de ta nouvelle petite fille ....
    Bonne soirée ... Bises

  2. they are so adorable <3 so nice you adopted Doodle..hope they will be good friends soon..
    great pictures as always :)

  3. she is very cute, she looks very sweet, great photos I love how Lil Bear is so curious! When I introduced Chloe to Toby, Toby was following her around the house haha

  4. She's so cute! Good luck with her!

  5. Awwwww thank you so much everybody for to welcome my new little girl with all those sweet and kind words :)

  6. OH, I'm so happy for you and for Doodle and Petit Ours that you all have each other now!! It wil be a wonderful thing for you all, I am sure. My Isobel still does not like my other ferrets or they her, it will be a long road. We are in NS again now, all together, but Isobel stays in my bedroom with me. Dee