Thursday, December 31, 2009

The LAST day of the year

What a year I got again. Bad things and good things.
All can't be perfect...

The bad : I will don't talk about that

The good : I have more and more recognition about my photography.

* I sale prints and calendars
* I won an Award
* I have managed my own studio
* I get a Nikon SB600 flash

* I was mentioned in an online magazine about my ferrets and their pink stroller

* Nahum is still with me

And this new photography get an incredible amount of popularity :

I am still sick, but I feel a little bit better. And my 2 babies are just fine, that is the most important :)

Will be back later

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I have cold ?

I have  headache, runny nose, nasal congestion, I sneeze a lot, using ton of facial tissues  I feel my  nose so big like a potato and I feel so tired. I have pain on my kidneys, and everywhere.  I  use all the time the hand sanitizer to not contaminate my babies. My petit Ours is fine, but I wonder about Nahum, his nose makes noise, as a little congested. It was really something I DIDN'T NEED !!!
Ferrets do not get colds. Colds are due to rhinoviruses, which are species specific virus. Ferrets may get influenza, but not colds. But how I can be sure about what I have.
I was not able to put my hand on the Sponge Bob thermometer ... So I don't know if I have fever, and I feel too bad to go the pharmacy. Only I hope that my ferrets are safe especially Nahum who is already enough sick like this.

Oh well ...

A post from Sukie about cold and bacterial sinus :

From the Ferret Health List Archives :

Sick Day for Maddy by ~Haly-K on deviantART

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nahum update

It is the night and Nahum is sleeping on my knees. He has started to cough again today. How my heart breaks at this moment. He takes all his medicines. Nahum is a very good little boy.
I don't know what to think, I don't know what is happening.  I know it is unfair.
I love my baby, I love you Nahum, with all my soul.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Miracle

Nahum udpate :2009 December 24

Nahum has had his appointment at noon today and the cardiologist did another Xrays and there is an amelioration of 50%

I call that a miracle !

I think all the prayers, good thoughts and wishes from all of you from all over the world have helped for sure with the very careful, intentioned and the outstanding skill of the cardiologist Dr De Madron.

My Christmas miracle

Merry Christmas everybody !

Monday, December 21, 2009

Nahum diagnosis

* Mitral Regurgitation- moderate
* Congestive Heart Failure

Nahum has fluid build up in his chest. On the Xrays we were barely able to see his chest, because all was white, the same for his heart. Too much fluid. The heart is abnormally so big.

With the echocardiogram the Dr was able to see the heart condition. Nahum has a leak from one of his heart valve (the mitral, on the left side of the heart)

Nahum condition has deteriorated in the space of 4 days. On Tuesday the vet for the Deslorelin implant (for the adrenal glands cancer) heard an heart murmur, but Nahum chest was clear. Nahum was still in the mood to play with some energy. He was fine, on Wednesday too. But on Thursday Nahum started to cough. First time I have heard a ferret coughing. It is very panicking, a very loud sound as a mad duck yelling. On Saturday he started to breathe very rapidly and shallow, and more coughing. This last night (Night of Sunday to Monday morning) he was uncomfortable, trying to place himself for to sleep, coughing more...

Nahum was a good little boy at the clinic, as always the more gentle soul on this world.
They also did an injection of a diuretic for to try to remove all the fluids from the chest.

Right now he has a medication for his congestive heart failure : "Prilium"
I am waiting for two other medications, that need to be compounding especially. At the pharmacy they said to me that will take a few days. I said it was an emergency ... blablabla... normally I will have them tomorrow.

Nahum has another appointment on next Thursday at 12.00 pm. The cardiologist want to see if the medication is helping, if Nahum has stop to cough.

Nahum is not an animal, or only a ferret, or a pet... Nahum is Nahum ...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Photo of Petit Ours - Nahum tomorrow appointment

Petit Ours (lil Bear)
He was sleeping in his crinkle bag. He was so cute, I grabbed my camera, but I woken him (very light sleep).
To yawn is the first thing he does.

To see the image in more big resolution :
While you are on the photography page click on the photo to see it bigger.

Available in many print sizes, canvas, wrapped canvas, art block frame, coasters, mouse pad, magnets, greeting cards, postcard and mugs here :

Just a few hours before the cardiologist appointment for Nahum.
I am very stressed and nervous.
Nahum is now started to breathe very rapidly and shallow.
... My soul is really dark and suffering at this moment ...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Nahum new Implant and heart murmur

Today for the first time I have hear Nahum coughing : 3 times until this morning... And I know it is a very bad sign.

The last news:

Nahum had his appointment on Tuesday with the vet who given him the Deslorelin implant in last June.
It is not his regular vet. Because the regular vet isn't able to get this implant.

The implant normally is good for around 12 months...but in this summer, the gate between Bear and Nahum was bad installed ...... and Bear bitten Nahum right on the implant and broken it in 2 pieces. So it is probably for that the implant has not worked so long.

This implant is for to help to control the hormones so to control the progression of the Adrenal cancer.
With this kind of cancer, the adrenal glands over product hormones, the glands become so very big, malformed make pressure on the prostate, and gives pee problem, with unbalanced hormones, ferrets lose also their fur and there are plenty of other bad symptoms.

The implant is a new product, not yet accept in US nor in Canada. It is an Australian product used for years in Europe with great success. For to be able to get this implant, veterinaries need to make long procedure with government autorization.

Before this implant Nahum and also lil Bear have had monthly injection of Lupron, a regular medicine for also control the cancer. The implant seems to be more effective than the Lupron and very less painful that this regular injection in the tiny muscle of the rear leg. (Poor babies)

The implant normally is good for around 12 months...

Now Nahum's visit :

I was concerned that his adrenal cancer was coming back because all the symptoms were back : very swollen belly and pee probem, less energy...

Effectively Nahum belly is more big. And it is all filed with fluids. Nahum has gain weight : 200 grams, so 200 grams of fluids.

The diagnostic is an hearth murmur. The heart doesn't work enough strong, the blood doesn't circulate well, so for some biological reason fluids is retain in his belly.

His belly is big, too heavy for the poor tiny rear legs. Nahum isn't enough strong, so it is for that he has a very difficult time to walk, and has stopped to run. So I imagine he has less muscles too.

This Dr has contacted the cardiologist for an appointment for Nahum. Nahum must to have an ultrasound for to know what is exactly his heart problem. If I understood well it can be two kind of problems : the "walls" (please right word ?) of the heart are to tick or those "walls" are enlarged.

What he said is that he can take right now a Xray of Nahum's heart, but the only thing we will see, is that his heart is abnormality big. With an ultrasound we will know exactly why the heart is more big. Depending the case, the medicine isn't the same. But I understood the problem can be well controlled.

Also yes the Adrenal cancer symptoms are also back, even Nahum's little tits are more big. It is because he has too much estrogen hormones...

So Nahum has a new Deslorelin implant between the shoulder.

Nahum didn't suffer even if the needle was huge, he was licking ferretone !

The Altavista Hospital called me, and Nahum has an appointment next Monday at 9:45 a.m. with the cardiologist.

I don't have understand why but, the cardiologist will only make the ultrasound in the afternoon. So I will stay all the day at the clinic.

What is very scaring me, is this sudden cough ... Do you think Nahum will be able to wait until Monday ?
On Tuesday I asked the vet if Nahum heart condition is an emergency, and he said no. But he said : more soon is better.

A gift of Hope and Love for my Nahum from


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nahum and lil Bear are in a Magazine

What Is The Craziest Thing You’ve Done For Your Ferret?
Ferret owners reveal some crazy things they do to make their ferrets happy.
By Rebecca Stout
Posted: December 1, 2009, 5 a.m. EST

Rebecca Stout well known on the ferrets community by the name of Wolfy. 
Wolfy makes an amazing work for to help ferrets with deafness by educating people.
Wolfy site :

My babies are at the bottom of page 2 :

Oh well I will not be famous thanks to my photography but because my pink stroller LOL



Friday, December 11, 2009

Plenty Faces of FERRETS

I made this journal in the spirit of Christmas for the Ferret Giving Tree.

Please take a look at it, I have featured plenty of sweet faces, photos, drawings, paintings.
And thanks to my journal some little ferrets will have their Santa.
Yeah !!!

Please go and have a big smile to look at them :

Sunday, December 6, 2009

20% of on all my photo prints

My store :

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One example of one my most loved photography :

I will come back :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

20% of on my calendars

20% of on my calendars until December 5th

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Marshland secrets

And finally my calendar about Nature and its secrets.
All about the marshland which I love and respect.

You can follow it through the seasons...

You can see all the 14 images on the print product page :
(all the months are indicated under the page cover)

For to see it bigger :

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Do You believe in the power of Nature ?

Here is the first photography making a part of my Secret project

The secret of the leaves

The secret of the leaves by =Yukkabelle on deviant

And the second photography

The secret of the trees

The secret of the trees by =Yukkabelle on deviant

More secrets are coming !

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blogged !

My Golden glory photography featured in there :

Golden glory by =Yukkabelle

It is incredible how successful is this photo. When I posted it one year ago, I found it good but I never thought people will like it as much.

My photography gallery of Nature :
Marie-Agnes Nature gallery here

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Christmas Greeting Card

Just in perfect time for Christmas !

Oh, it will be very soon :)

Here is Nahum sending full of happy wishes

Avalaible for sale as Greeting Cards, postcards, mouse pads, coasters, magnets, mugs, puzzles, and prints :) here :

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Coffee Time

Coffee Time II by =Yukkabelle

Here is Nahum playing with an empty mug ...
Coffee & chocolate are very bad and dangerous for ferrets !

Oh yeah ! I made this available in many products :
many print sizes, canvas, wrapped canvas, art block frame, coasters, mouse pad, magnets, greeting cards, postcard and mugs (white mug and brown mug).

Coffee Time Print :

My prints store :

Monday, November 9, 2009

I am blogged !!!

How fantastic when you wake up, and go to you computer and see that a wonderful article was wrote on you. Ya it happened to me ! Yeah !! An article about my photography IMAGINE proudly showed on Natalie wall in her ferrets room :

Thank you so much Natalie

Natalie makes the most little cute little pets toys and special little ferrets toys.
Look at this how charming is it !

Her Etsy Store deserves a visit :

It is all about adorable and sweet little treasures :o)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here is Petit Ours (little Bear) who is watching the light through the glass door.
Petit Ours the white Ferret. My lil deaf lovely companion.

Imagine by =Yukkabelle

This photography is the Month of January in my Calendar second edition

Ferrets Calendar 2010 - 2 - by =Yukkabelle on deviantART