Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sonata for a Ferret Dream

I gave so hard time to momy to chose the cutest picture of me.
She find that I am so adorable on all ...

Momy said not word is needed, because you will all listen your heart

Sonata for a Dream


Much Love to all of you



Monday, December 20, 2010

Toast, a wonderful ferret's story

Toast is the baby boy of Nancy.
I know Nancy because she is a member of the great group Deaf Ferret where I belong too.
((Ya many of you know that my Lil Bear is deaf.))

This morning Nancy was so excited by a very wonderful news :
her Toast is a celebrity ! Again !!!
We all knew already that Nancy is working with Toast for to help sick and hurt people to go through their pain.

Nancy's message  this morning (so cute) :
"OK, You have to get the Ferrets USA 2011!!!! I will scan the article and try to send it but, in the middle of Petsmart while reading the article I began crying!!!!! That is my Toast man they are talking about and the pix!!!! Thanks Susie for sending those in!!!!! OMG!!! They only had 2 mags left so yes I got both of them!!!!! I showed it to everyone!!! And the girls that worked there asked if there were more as they were going to let me have an autographing party there!!!!! Why didn't they have more!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!! Anyway, it begins on page24 and there is a pix of him there and his story begins on page 27 and finishes on page 28 and he is on his firetruck!!!!! There are great pix there!!!! I am sooooo excited!!!!! OK, had to share!!!!!!!!"

And the magazine :

To read the article with a bigger view, please click on here :

To read the second page of the article with a bigger view, please click here :

Nancy gave me the permission to share her beautiful story  :)

Nancy has also a Rescue, her website :

Enjoy !

For Jackie Minor - Xcess Rize Designs


Hi Dear Jackie,
It took me more time than I thought at first ... But here it is :) ...

I have searched for long time a beautiful fashion girly and practice camera bag without success. 
Finally one day, I found it at Xcess Rize Designs 

Jackie Minor is the creator of all those amazing bags. And it took me days to choose between all the fabric patterns offered.

I did a special custom order. That means that I choose exactly how I wanted my bag.
As the add of this hook :

Description of my ask :

Full sized hobo bag in Miller swirl fabric ... Beautiful isn't it ? !!!

Extra padded pockets across bag to accomodate
- 2 lenses
- the camera (evidently lol)
- a flash (my flash is 6.5" tall and almost 3" wide)
- a little remote
- cards (small)
- my camera battery charger with its cord (3"x3")
- my flash battery charger (3"x6" the charger and 4"x2.5" for the plugging)
Extra padding for camera
Camera tripod straps to accomodate 11 inch circumference
Waterproof layer
Key clip

And what will be the pictures without my so sooo cuuuute Petit Ours (Lil Bear)
Not totally ferret proofed... But what is ferret proofed ... LoL
Why this little thing is so adorable ?

And all my material is entering in there in all the pockets
Will love to have a better picture of my gear that entered in the bag,
but I took the picture with my little camera in low light.
I use my bag all the time. All is at its place and always ready to go. I LOVE my bag !

Enjoy !

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Who said Ferrets are Messy ??? I think Momma is crazy !!!

Hi to all my sweet lovers, it seems people loves me so much and want to see more of my ferret live.

That ok, I am so happy to receive compliments about how cuuuuuute I am !

Mommy is gone for a good part of the day, she wanted to go to the store IKEA she said.
She need a real chair, she is always on her old wood kitchen chair, even when she is on computer.
Her back is so painful, and it was about time, she starts to manage it. Medications isn't always enough.

And she needed 2 BIGS Frames, she searched everywehre, but didn't find it.
She even visited Mickael store, the specialist of Art and Frames...
But the cost will be really too much high ... something as more $400 for one frame !

She find the biggest frames at IKEA for $36 ca each !
She came back to home, and opened my cage, and pet me, but I was too much sleepy and didn't come.

Mommy didn't wait me, and started the work ALONE, bad mommy !
 Mommy didn't know how to do ...
there were a plastic protector on the plexiglass, and she didn't remove it ! HAHAHA

 So she removed the fine plastic film, and instalated the poster ...
Ya the knife was for to remove the cartboard ... mommy has no nails at all ...

 Mommy tryed to make it right

And finally I am coming... OMG ... What a mess in there ... A storm ????

And people always says that ferrets are messy, I have the proof that humans are worse !!!

 There are obstacles everywhere ! OK ... Inspection begins !!!
Humm, plastic ...
 Plastic is always fun to sniff, to walk in it ...

Spoons ???? can you tell me what mom have done with spoons ?
And there is nothing in the spoons ... Crazy  momma ...

It is that the frame, for what she made kilometers in the traffic. Ok sound great.
But what mom has framed ?

OMG... is this Nahum ??? oh boy he is so BIG !

But what I see there, Mommy !!!... there is still the name IKEA on here !!!

You are true Lil Bear, Mommy didn't know it had 2 linen of plastic film, 
So I re-done all the framing processing, with the help of lill Bear of course.

I knew mommy will need MY help !


Friday, December 10, 2010

My box ... my box ... MY BOX !!! is arrived ! .... .... A ferret Tale ! Part 2

It was about time finally mommy helped me and pushed the box down :) 

 I am dreaming !!! I am in heaven my favorite treats : Bandits Banana

 Et Hop a JUMP on the treats bags ... LoL

A barrel !!! My first barrel ... this thing move a lot !

 Hehehe Banana !

 Mommy says that I am so cute, not cute  but cuuuuute

Hey there is a sleep sack too and a hammock ... I am spoiled :)

That is the winning tickets ... In fact mommy won 2 times !!! YES !!!

All those wonderful treats and beddings are winning prizes from
Rocky’s Oktoberfest Raffle.

Rocky's Ferret Rescue & Shelter is located in Northern Baltimore County Maryland.

Their website :

To participate to Shelter's raffles is a way to help them to raise money.
Shelters are always in need of money or donations for to pay the vet bills, food and everything that ferrets need. Shelters take care of unwanted, abandoned and abused ferrets (sigh ... how possible ...)