Friday, October 8, 2010

Autumn afternoon in a cemetery with a White Ferret

Petit Ours saw Dr Auger for his immune or allergia problem. The prednisone medication does a perfect job and the Dr was so happy to see how Petit Ours (Lil Bear) is doing fine. His nose is pink again, no more all red with sore ! no sneezing anymore, very less itchy.

On the road back to home, I passed front of this cemetery in Ottawa.  This one where all Wednesdays afternoon Nahum and me walked peacefully. It was our lovely time of peace together.

I was very hesitant but finally stopped in there. In first Petit Ours  walked backwards as always. He removed two times his harness. So I adjusted it more tight. Hopefully we were in a very quiet place.

It was very sunny and warm, I explained to Petit Ours this place was Nahum and mommy place. At the same moment  the wind started to shake the branches and the leaves started to fall. I was wondering what Nahum thought. Nahum and Petit Ours were not friends. Nahum wasn't happy to share his mommy, and Petit Ours was so mischievous pinching all the time Nahum. 

And now the photos of course !