Monday, December 20, 2010

Toast, a wonderful ferret's story

Toast is the baby boy of Nancy.
I know Nancy because she is a member of the great group Deaf Ferret where I belong too.
((Ya many of you know that my Lil Bear is deaf.))

This morning Nancy was so excited by a very wonderful news :
her Toast is a celebrity ! Again !!!
We all knew already that Nancy is working with Toast for to help sick and hurt people to go through their pain.

Nancy's message  this morning (so cute) :
"OK, You have to get the Ferrets USA 2011!!!! I will scan the article and try to send it but, in the middle of Petsmart while reading the article I began crying!!!!! That is my Toast man they are talking about and the pix!!!! Thanks Susie for sending those in!!!!! OMG!!! They only had 2 mags left so yes I got both of them!!!!! I showed it to everyone!!! And the girls that worked there asked if there were more as they were going to let me have an autographing party there!!!!! Why didn't they have more!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!! Anyway, it begins on page24 and there is a pix of him there and his story begins on page 27 and finishes on page 28 and he is on his firetruck!!!!! There are great pix there!!!! I am sooooo excited!!!!! OK, had to share!!!!!!!!"

And the magazine :

To read the article with a bigger view, please click on here :

To read the second page of the article with a bigger view, please click here :

Nancy gave me the permission to share her beautiful story  :)

Nancy has also a Rescue, her website :

Enjoy !


  1. Toast and Nancy are the best.

  2. I bought the magazine, great article really touched my heart