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Helping Ferrets Shelters & Rescues ... Raffles & Auctions !

The first part of this article is about how I help the Ferrets Shelters & Rescues with what I have in my hands : My photography. But YOU, if you want it, you can also help them, and I will explain how in the second part of this article. So go and please read if you are interested . I  don't want to sound presumptuous, I just wish motivate people to see how it can be easy to donate or to help and bring them to participate in a way or another.  At this time I see shelters closing their doors, due to the bad economy which struggles them.

Don't forget : To donate is to receive ! How gratifying can be to know that what you do is useful !  
And by sharing what I do I hope to show you that it is possible. 

You are welcome to help me by giving me more infos if you have some :)
You are welcome to help me by correcting errors I have done
You are welcome to help me by sending me pictures of your Events showing my donations prizes.
You are welcome to help me by sending me pictures of the happy winners

(Please scroll down for the second part to read how you can help too)

1) So....I will try to re-trace who received my photos and when -
2) If I can find it, I will also post the winners
3) I will Love to add pictures of those events showing winners or prize's table setup, something like this (But I really need your help for this)
4) I will add links, websites, blogs, contacts,  of people receiving my Photos

GO ! ! !
Right now :

Kindness Matters Ferret Rescue :                     
Debbie Whorley owner
Contact :

Ferret Business of Georgia :

Please go there to read all the informations about this raffle :

Ferret Symposium 2006 at Toronto organized by Randy Belair
Website :  The Ferret Aid Society  

June 23-25, 2006 ... I was here with my daughter, it was a wonderful experience !
3 photos were donated for Silent Auction :
"The Light Of my Soul" &  "Sleeping Paws " & "In the grass  "

Winners : Carol Owens, Renee Down and ?

Your words, Testimonials :
"When I was at Randy's Ferret Aid Symposium in 2006, I won a couple of Marie-Agnes' photos. The quality is outstanding.
I really enjoyed them, especially her sweet baby. Ask her to tell you the story! I am sure that anyone who purchases one of her calendars will be pleased."
Renee Down

I received the print today Merci! It is beautiful, such a sweet face. Now to frame it !"  Carol Owens


Friends of Ferret Shelter for the benefit of Furetti Ferrets of Amherst

Friday, Jan. 22, 2010

One Ferret calendar 2nd Edition donated                     

Winner :  Eleanor Mead


Raffle for The Ferret Choice owner : Julie Johnson

Website :

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Donation : Fine Ferret Art Print Canvas Poster titled :  "FUZZ"                     

Winner : Linda Soule

Your Words/Testimonials : " I can't tell you how much i love the print" Linda


West Michigan Ferret Connection - Raffle run by Friends of Ferret Shelters

Sun, 26 Apr 2009

Donation : Photography titled : "My  Basket Of  Love"
Winner : Robin Hochgertel

Your words/testimonials :
"The ferret photograph is absolutely lovely.  The colors are perfect.  I am very happy to have it!!  
I can't wait to get it framed   :  )" Robin


Rocky's Ferret Rescue Raffle

May 30, 2009

Donation : 2 posters titled :  "Sweet Dreams" and  "My Basket Of Love"
Winners : ? and ?

Rocky's Ferret Rescue Raffle

 Septembre 30, 2009 

Donation of 2 posters : "Breeze of Japan"  & "My Basket Of Love"                             

There were at least $200 to $300 worth of tickets in each 
of their bags !!!

Winners : ? and ?


Rocky's Ferret Rescue - Oktoberfest Fundraiser - Angela
October 30, 2010

A big poster 16x24 titled : "The Little Prince" featuring beloved Nahum

Winner : ?


Ferret open house and frolic - Linda Soule
Facebook :
September11th, 2010
Donation : Fine Art Print on Canvas - Triptych titled : "FUZZ"
Winner : ?

Your words/Testimonials :
"Hi, the picture arrived.  i am so excited about the print. 
everyone loves mine.  thank you thank you thank you." Linda

" my friend won your print and she was thrilled" Linda


Sandi Robinson's ferret shelter Raffle in Alabama - Debbie Whorley

July 24, 2010

Donation : Poster Titled : "Tu chantais si bien ... "    

96 raffle tickets were sold for the print !!! Wow !!!

Winner : Heidi Lepak


IFC Phoenix Ferret Symposium 2011 - Contact : Sharon Bearden

June 3-5, 2011 in Phoenix AZ

I worked hard to make something different, to offer a pretty and original prize,
that people may enjoy :  A Stationery Kit !

Sadly all the items didn't arrive in the same time and Sharon get some items too late for the Symposium.

I just have had a few days between the day I was gently contacted by Sharon asking if I willing to donate some of my Art and the date of the Symposium. I worked many and many hours non-stop days and nights to create the stamp, the envelope and paper letter. Send my creation for approval for the stamp, make all the items printed out and shipped ... It was "une course contre la montre" French expression meaning I was in big rush...

And of course a Fine Ferret Art Print titled : "Furet Sur Coussin Rose II"

Did Somebody win the Poster ???
Did Somebody win something ???

Can you imagine how I will LOVE to have feedback
... Yes I am wondering ... If you liked them ...
Because I need to know if I should to continue in the same way.

ENJOY !!! As Always :D

AND NOW .... and what about YOU ?

Why do they need help and will always need it ?

Sadly a lot of ferrets are abandoned for many reasons, some has been even abused and it happens to see horrific stories. For some, previous owners discovered that to have a ferret as pet, isn't for everybody, or there is also the new human baby who is coming, or a moving in a new apartment where pets are not allowed, in sad cases previous owners who is very sick (it is the story of my little Doodle, her previous mom is fighting a liver cancer. Doodle was given directly to me by her previous mom) and there is also owners with the bad economy and hard time to get a decent job, who have no more money to pay for the care of their ferrets. 
Many reasons, each case is different, but for the "more fortunate" ferrets, there is hopefully  great people with the biggest heart  to rescue those little ones. Ferrets need a lot of care. Often very sick, in bad condition, treatments and vet care are so very expensive. Shelters don’t receive money for what they do. They are all volunteers. Many of them have a day work, and all their free time goes to their rescued little ones. 
The ferret community try by what they can to help to rise money for to pay the big vet bills, the food, the vitamins, supplements, litters pans, news papers pellets for the litter pans, beddings, hammocks, baskets, laundry soap, paper towels, cleaning products, even a dryer's machine,  and more ...

Raffles & auctions are ones of great and pleasant solutions for to help a shelter to rise money.
But there are also the "frolics" where all ferrets people meet each others, with their owns ferrets or not (it is depending the event rules).

All ferrets must be up to date with their vaccines and recently negative ADV tested !

What is "Frolic" ?  :  It is a family day all of fun and pleasure. There is all kinds of funny games, involving ferrets and humans.  Human food, cookies, cakes, sandwiches, snack, beverages,  a little fees for the entry, vendors, raffles, auctions, silents auctions. Sometimes veterinaries are invited and will give informations about medical things or about everything ferret ... People will be dedicated for nails trims, ears cleaning for the ferrets, for a small fee. There are also all kinds of contests for what you can register your ferret for $1 or $2 : the most big boy, the most big girl, more tiny boy, tiniest girl, longest tail, costume's contest ... And everybody are putting there hands in those funny events, and in the end of the day money will been happily counted and will  be used for the benefit of the ferrets Shelters for who the event was organized. 

That is for money and fun, but we can also help Shelters & Rescues by being their volunteers : to come on their place, and to be their "hands helper" : clean the cages, clean the litter pans, make laundries, even to play with the rescued ferrets ... help with the trip to the vet clinic ...
You can be also a "Ferret Sitting", or be a "Family care" in the wait that the little ones find a forever home. It can be good for those who can't have ferrets forever, and will help for the need of "ferret fix" ;)

I think there is never End about how to help out !

Nobody are rich, me neither ... and it is not all of us who have enough money for to be able to give out ... but not everything cost money ! How can you help ?
- Share the words about raffles and events. If you are reading this, it is because you have Internet access, so write a note in your blog if you have one, or cross-post in forums where you belong, or in your journals, your facebook and tweeter ...
It will take just a few minutes of your time and will cost nothing to you. One of your friends or a stranger reader can be interested and will be perhaps able to help out. We never know ! so why not to try it :)
- If you have more time, ask the shelters in your area if they need hands helper, and become one of their volunteers.
- If you have skills or talent in anything : offer it as prizes for their Raffles and auctions and frolics. It is not obligatory to be ferret related, humans need things too, even if they don't need it, they will love to have it :P . Like I do with my photos (so I must to admit in my case, it costs money for the printer and shipping, and in another sphere it will perhaps cost you supplies, but not always if you have stock at home) so : photos, crocheted, knitting, drawings, paintings, cooking, maintaining their websites, make their flyers, business cards, craft-Art ...

You see ... ! ...  it can be easy ! and I have always thought that a person has always one talent in something.

For now it is what I have in my head, I will add more when more ideas will come.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Auction & Raffle for two Ferrets Rescue and Shelter

Two Ferrets Shelters are together holding an Auction & Raffle to raise money for help them to pay the high veterinary 's bills  and for all the care ferrets need :  food, beddings, laundry soap, products cleaner, litter, news paper litter pellets, pee pads, paper towels, gas for trip to the vet clinic,  treats, vitamins, supplements, toys,  and much much more ! All ferrets owners know how expensive is the care of ferrets, so imagine when it is for many ferrets !

The Shelters on the spot are :

Kindness Matters Ferret Rescue,  from Georgia :
Owner : Debbie Whorley


Ferret Business of Georgia :
Owner :  Juliana Quadrozzi
You will find all the informations and also all the wonderful prizes to win on those sites :

Ferret Rescue Benefit Auction  :
Link to the Auction :
Auctions end Saturday, October 29th 4:00 p.m. E.S.T.

Ferret Rescue Benefit Raffle :
Link to the Raffle :
Raffle ends October 29, 2011

You will have the chance to win two of my photography! One by auctions and the other one by buying tickets.
Because not all people are Ferrets related, but still want to help out the Ferrets Rescues, I decided to give  a beautiful Landscape Poster.
It is a corn field from Quebec Canada in a blue/green colors showing delicate and beautiful little pink flowers.
You can click on the image below to see the image in big view of my Deviantart's page.

This photography is on the auction page. So if you want it, you need to bid on it !
Good luck everybody :D
And of the course the famous poster titled "Breeze of Japan" featuring my Beloved and gorgeous little Nahum ... I miss my baby so much, and still have blood going through my heart, but I am still glad that Nahum can help out other little ferrets.
You can click on the image below to see it in a bigger view on my Deviantart's page.

This photography is on the Raffle page. So if you want it, you need to buy tickets !
Good luck everybody :D

From Debbie Whorley :
Amereta and I are holding another large auction and raffle to benefit
Ferret Business of Georgia and my ferret rescue, Kindness Matters
Ferret Rescue. These will run in September and October, ending with a
ferret group get-together at my place on October 29th.
If anyone has any item or service they can donate to this, it would be
great! Juliana is struggling financially with the shelter and we're
trying to help out as much as possible. If you know of anyone else whom
may be interested in donating an item or service, please pass the word!
It does not have to be ferret related, as we're trying to get the word
out to more than the ferret community to increase bidding and raffle
ticket sales. Anyone donating gets their information included on the
auction / raffle site, as well as in newsletters and emails that are
sent out to thousands nationwide and hundreds locally.

Debbie Whorley, Kindness Matters Ferret Rescue


And now I want to bring to your attention that I am looking for pictures, please read :

If you have any picture of a print, poster, product of mine in your home, walls, or a picture of yourself standing next to my Artwork, or a shot of your computer with one of my Wallpaper on your screen, screen capture, or a photo of your desk station - anything like that - If it's in your gallery, Please link me to it OR please email me the pictures at :
I will make a special page dedicated to this for you!:iconawwloveplz:

Oh ! and I will LOVE to have pictures from events, raffles, auctions and even the Symposiums, showing the winners of my photography prizes ! Please, please, please ... I am far to everybody from my little corner of Quebec, so imagine how I should be happy to have pictures of this ... my way to feel that I was there !
Please pass the message to others :o)
Thank YOU !:iconawwloveplz: