Sunday, February 13, 2011

Doodle wants to be the Ferret Queen

Day 14 for Doodle, Petit Ours and me in our new life of together.
 Part 1
No ... Doodle and Petit Ours are not yet friends...
It is obvious that Princess Doodle want to be the Queen of the Castle.
Body language doesn't lie !
I will make my article in 3 parts because I have 23 pictures I really want to share with you.
Please don't be afraid or mad at me...
There were no harm, no blood, no poops flying everywhere, just body language... OK !
I was right here ready to jump on the middle of Petit Ours and Doodle.
For one week I have been very protective keeping both of them in my arms.
And finally I have a doubt ... perhaps they need to really show to each other their position.
So I gave it a try yesterday and again today... 

And  Doodle The Queen
Petit Ours sees Doodle and calmly wants to approach her. Look at the Doodle face, she seems outraged.

Petit Ours continues the approach, Doodle hisses, screams and opens her mouth...and
Here Petit Ours dodges the open mouth of Doodle, immediately Doodle goes away

Petit Ours is unsure about what to do. He doesn't move....

Petit Ours stays puzzled and Doodle is watching him ...
Quietly Petit Ours try again to approach Doodle... Time for me to let my camera on the floor and be right there.
Doodle has a brush tail ...

 Part 2 :

Part 3 :


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  1. Les premières approches sont incertaines ... Ils se regardent en "chien de faience" comme on dit chez nous ... avec le temps .... tout s'arrange ... Jolies photos pour ce petit "reportage" .... j'aime particulièrement la première avce la queue de Doodle sur le côté ...
    Merci du partage et bonne journée