Saturday, March 20, 2010

CURIOSITY - Ferret pictures - behind the scene

 I edited my chosen photography in B &W because I wanted a classy look.

Now I did a selection of some  photos from this session.
Well we can call them bloopers !!!
Yes Lil Bear, Petit Ours in French,  is full of energy ... LoL



Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nahum the Ferret First Promenade of the Year !

It was a beautiful day today, very warm, and I was free !!!
So I puted the stroller in my car and drove to go to the river :)
Nahum was happy to go in the carrier in the car, he loves trip in car.
He was so happy when I installed him in his stroller.
When I found a place clean and dry for his little paws, I putted him down.
But immediately he ran to me and climbed on my knees.
I tried 2-3 times, but definitively Nahum didn't want to walk, but wanted to enjoy to roll in the stroller.

 You see Nahum seems so very comfortable in his blanket, and that warm up my heart.
The winters are so long, and I was in the hope that Nahum will enjoy again those little "walks"

And here is the river, and there is still some ice on the water, but the sun was so hot today !
Even if Nahum didn't walk, the emotions, excitement of the trip & of to be out, made him very tired
With his heart illness, the smallest little thing make him exhausted almost immediately.
Emotions, even the happy ones give to him a kind of stress on his fragile old little body

I love this photo so much where his white fur matches perfectly the ice on the river.
And Nahum looks peaceful !
 I like lonely places, I have walk a little while for to be in this place,
But a man and woman surprised me, while I was making crazy exercices to try to photograph my lil boy
Perhaps they have thought I am insane...but they kindly said to me : "Hello"
They had a big smile, but me because I was surprised I was a little freeze
And they left...
We stayed here a few moments again, I putted Nahum in his stroller, and zipped it.
I took photograph of ice in the water ... I saw a new contest of abstract photography by nature.
Not sure if I am too late or not to enter in the contest...

I hope you enjoyed our first promenade as we do !!!

Sadly my Lil Bear doesn't enjoy it... He is as crazy in the stroller scratching everywhere and in leash he walks backwards...crazy crazy Lil Bear ;)

Les Danceuses - Same song for a different dance !

That is our Canadian Dragonflies.

It is an answer to Toun33 for his French red Dragonfly  : article-le-crocothemis-erythraea-libellule-ecarlate
And for his blue Dragongly : article-l-orthetrum-bleuissant


Monday, March 15, 2010

Behind the Scene and how to come to an happy result !

POLEMIC behind a photo ... behind the scenes in two ways !

Just to tell you...I love you. by =Yukkabelle on deviantART

 Oh Well I am a little bit frustrated today.

My photo : Just to tell you ... I love you was not accepted by one of the groups where I belong on the DeviantArt site.
(this group is French, I will traduct after)
 Éviter de poster vos ID, vos photos de famille, celles de vos animaux de compagnie ou de vos vacances. Sauf si vous avez fait une photo de valeur artistique : vous avez travaillé la composition, l'angle de vue, lumière... etc. 
Raison : Vous avez plein de médias pour partager ces photos (par exemple : Facebook, Flickr) et les personnes qui vont les regarder risquent d'être plus intéressées par celle-ci que les membres du groupe.

Merci de la respecter,


In English : 
Avoid to post your ID, your family photos, those of your your holiday or pets. Except if you made an artistic photograph of value: you worked the composition, the visual angle, light… etc 
Reason: You have full  media to divide these photographs (for example: Facebook, Flickr) and the people who will look at them may to be more interested by this one than the members of the group. 
Thank you to respect it,

Oh Yes I feel so upset about this, so I send a note to the sender :

In French of course, my anwser :
A quelle photo faites-vous allusion ? celle de mon ID ?
C'est une image qui m'a pris beaucoup de temps à réaliser. Et surtout à régler la lumière et la parfaite ouverture à cause du miroir
C'est un concept étudié : c'est le reflet au sens propre et figuré de mon travail dans un vieux miroir :
- décors antiques, furet, complicité avec le sujet, et mon appareil
Si vous me connaissiez ou suiviez mon travail, vous auriez compris !
Dommage que mon travail est été perçu autrement

J'ai classé cette photo ID pour pouvoir la mettre sur ma page profile au même titre que celle-ci [link] qui était toute aussi réfléchie.

Je ne poste jamais rien de non songé ou non artistique sur ce site, sauf dans mon scrapbook.

In English : 

Which photograph do you refer about? that one of my ID? 
It is an image which me took so much time to realize. And especially to regulate the light and the perfect Aperture because of the mirror. 
It is a studied concept : It is the reflection  in the literal and figurative sense  of my work in an old mirror:
- antique decorations, ferret,  complicity with the subject, and my camera.
If you know me or follow my work, you would have understood ! 

It's a pity that my work is perceived differently

I classified this photo ID to be able to put it on my  profile as well as this one   [link] which was quite as considerately done. I never post anything not thought or not artistic on this site, except in my scrapbook. Marie-Agnes

So the answer to my note was :

Celle-ci [link] .
Je suis dés
olée, elle a été considéré plus comme une photo personnelle qu'une photo artistique. Je sais que les valeurs de ce qui est artistique ou pas est différent d'une personne à l'autre. L'autre photo PASSION serait accepté par contre.
Bonne journée,


So in English
This one [link]    . I am sorry, it was regarded more as one personal photograph  than an artistic photograph. I know that the values of what is artistic or not is different from a person to another.
The other photo PASSION would be accepted on the other hand.
Good day,


Ok SO :  Except if you made an artistic photograph of value: you worked the composition, the visual angle, light… etc  ((they said in their rules ))

Behind the scene, the not worked composition, visual angle, light ... etc ... of my photo  

After to place the mirror in the way my backstop on the opposite wall can be reflected on it, I tried to place the flash in the right  direction (must to think about mirror and reflect of flash ) :

Still testing the light and camera position (portrait or landscape)" I am still not pleased with the result here

Ok testing body position, to be more on the light:
Na, that is so ugly must to adjust the distance, my tripod and the camera angle

LoL : ok TOO much UP !

Ok starting to make sens but something still wrong, too much celling ... Hello Soleil the cat !

Ok the distance seems good, not enough lighting, and the camera isn't on level

What Nahum will look now ! :

I loved this one, but ... (I choose another one, showing more complicity between Nahum & me) ... but not so happy with the focus and light

So working the focus, and working the composition, put my camera in landscape position,
I will have less celling, and more of us :

Hum now need to pay attention to my body height for no to have the flash reflecting bad on us, I must to me more down :

AWWWW PERFECT ! YEAH !!! But it miss somebody there !!!! :

Oh nooo, Nahum has his head hidden ! :

LoL : Kisses during the work, isn't always easy to handle :

This one is so cute too, but we are to high. I think I should have done a better work with the flash en light without to have problem reflection in the mirror, but well well well ... :

Oh I love this one too :

FINISH !!! My Famous Model is tired and want to go ... :

ENJOY ! my NON-Artistic work !