Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ferret Little Tong Wallpaper

Wallpaper in different sizes for different screens :

I hope you will like it in your desktop :)

:bulletblue:1024x768 :bulletblue:1280x1024 :bulletblue:1600x1200
:bulletblue:1920x1200 :bulletblue:1280x800:bulletblue:1920x1080

* Please ask for more screen sizes ;)

* I have changed the resolution of the images in a lower way, please tell me if the quality looks bad.

*Download button at the left on the wallpaper page :


Friday, January 29, 2010

How to make your Ferrets to Love new Treats

Thank you so much to Dar24  for giving me her tips and this great inspiration for a new tread on my blog.

She suggested me to use cheesecloth for the new treats will not absorb the salt from the Luv treats, but I used facial tissue.  (one linen)

Lil Bear and Nahum don't want to know anything about all the new treats I bought for them...
Please to read about the treats go there :
ferret-diva-photography and Nahum and Bear update

I have 7 sorts of new treats, but for the first try I have chose the Ziwi Peak Lamb

I put on the bottom of one recycled plastic container the Luv cat treats.
Luv cat treats are the Nahum's favorites treats forever, the same for lil Bear.


I put on the facial tissue the Ziwi Peak lamb treats and close it.

I covered up the little bag by other Luv cat treats
Well hermetic closed...

I know plastic containers are good for keep the scent  of food for long time, even if you washed it so well.
So I believe the smell of the Luv treats will be very strong inside in it, and the new Ziwi Peak lamb treat will keep the scent.

Now I must to wait 2 days

I will come back with this in 2 days, to write the result ;)


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ferret DIVA photography

Updates on Nahum and lil Bear :
Nahum has stopped to cough !
On last Tuesday both have seen their regular vet. She didn't saw them since November.
She was sad to see how Nahum's health has dropped.
She said to keep comfortably until his last journey. For now he has no pain and still enjoy little things of life.
The vet thinks perhaps I have 6 other months to live with Nahum if all stay like this.
6 months I must to enjoy plentifully ... If Nahum gives to me really those 6 months, I will be so thankful :)

She said also the bloody sentence, that one day I will must to be fair for Nahum.
I must to prepare myself. I prepare myself since December when he was diagnosed with his congestive heart failure.
But never I will be ready...never.
I hope I will not have the hard decision to help him to cross the bridge, I wish him to left our world while he is sleeping comfortably in his blanket at home.

Litle Bear :
The vet thinks he has a skin infection. His problem with his eye ... it is the skin around the eye which is swollen and red. The eye itself is correct. I am so relieved about that :D
So my lil boy is tortured two time per day by putting one drop of antibiotic in his eye... Oh yes that looks as I am tortured him ;)
And he has antibiotic that I can ad in his food. Well the soups seems to be really less delicious ;)
It is just for 15 days ... so ... not too long.

I am still waiting for the naturals treats for Nahum and Petit Ours !!! 
UPDATE : The treats are here  !!!! the treats are here  ... they arrived yesterday  morning (January 26,2010)


Nahum don't like the treats ... nooooo .... and Lil Bear neither .... Nooooo nooooo   :(

I have ordered new treats free of salt for my baby. Plenty of sorts with the hope there will be at least one  Nahum will love. I know my boy is very picky... But he loves NO ones .... cries...

Stella & Chewy Carnivore Kisses - Duck
Stella & Chewy Carnivore Kisses - Turkey Tidbits
Stella & Chewy Carnivore Crunch - Duck
Ziwi Peaks Cat Treat 3oz Lamb
Ziwi Peaks Cat Treat 3oz Liver
Ziwi Peaks Cat Treat 3oz Venison/Green Lipped Mussel
Wysong Dream Treats - Pheasant Small Bag 1.68oz

Well I have mixed a little of the Duck treats in the soupy, for my TWO little boys in the hope they will be used to the odor and taste... So they lapped up all the liquid and let the mashed meat...
.... hopelessly !!!


Diva is available on Deviant Art here :
In wide and slim format print here : [link] I suggest you to check the Beechwood colors block frame for to have a preview. Looks beautiful with this white frame.

Diva is available on Redbubble too, please take a look here :
Available in many products as greeting card :)


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ferret Masquerade photography

Ferret Masquerade ... by =Yukkabelle on deviantART

Or the Black and White version

Ferret Masquerade by =Yukkabelle on deviantART

The Black and White is available in many print sizes, canvas, wrapped canvas, art block frame, coasters, mouse pad, magnets, greeting cards, postcard, puzzle and mugs
Preview of the prints here:

Enjoy !

Monday, January 25, 2010

Advertising, your ad, ads on my blog.

I am an official Publisher !

I just created a new space for advertising, it is on the margin at left.

There is space for two ads.
The format must to be a square of 125 x 125 px

The advertising is with Project Wonderful. I figured out how that worked. It is new for me.
You put bid on the space you want  for to have your ad on it.
The biding starts at 0$
The first one who will bid on it, it will be at no cost until somebody else bid on it.

You need to be logged in to be able to bid for to have the ad space.
If you don't have account, you can create one easily, and be good to go in seconds.

I have categorized  the advertising opportunity as pets and  animals, but it can be also related in any kind of Art, as books, jewelry anything fancy and beautiful. My site is family open, so your ad, ads  can only be related to things that children can see.

Update : OMG the two places are already taken !


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

FERRET Wallpaper - The Bath tub

That is little Bear the white ferret in the bath-tub.

Bath-Tub Wallpaper by =Yukkabelle on deviantART

He is always so cute, asking for to go in the tub, and asking for go out... all the time :giggle:


Wallpaper in different sizes for different screens :

I hope you will like it in your desktop :)

:bulletblue:1024x768 :bulletblue:1280x1024 :bulletblue:1600x1200
:bulletblue:1920x1200 :bulletblue:1280x800:bulletblue:1920x1080

* Please ask for more screen sizes ;)

* I have changed the resolution of the images in a lower way, please tell me if the quality looks bad.

*Download button at left on the wallpaper page  :

There will be more wallpapers ... soon !

Enjoy !

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Shaving Heart, Ferrets are always beautiful !

My shaving heart, Nahum looking at his cow toy (the tail) Yep !
Nahum was not in the mood of modeling today.
He wanted to go out the studio, waiting front of the door.

Well I did a very fast session, and worked without my baby with the veils and a masque.
I will post the result soon. I think perhaps one shot will be a great new wallpaper...

My shaved heart by =Yukkabelle on deviantART

I will work on this photography for to make it available as fine art print.
I will see ...

Monday, January 18, 2010


It took to me hours to work on it.

For the true I have worked all the night to make it right on my website :

Keep in mind it is only a basic Frequent Asked Questions - FAQ- for people who are not used with Ferrets.

Those questions were asked many times by people seeing my Ferrets Fine Art Photography.

I have put links to more complete FAQ  for people more interested by ferrets or even for those who wants to get one.

I have in mind to make an heading about Ferrets supplies and Ferrets gifts for ferrets people who are visiting my site and are looking for this kind of stuff.

Natalie , I know you are reading my blog ;) ... Do you think it will something very useful to do it, and useful for  people's stores as yours ?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nahum and Lil Bear The new Ferrets Super Heroes

Nahum and lil Bear are super Heroes ... How that sounds that ?????

Their transfer to the US Heroes team was accepted

Nahum and lil Bear are in the strip #14 by the great comic artist Yastach !!!!

Before to show the  strip #14 where Lil Bear and Nahum are featured :

The strips #1 to #7 are here :

Now the strips #8 to 13  








This strip # 14  featuring Nahum and Lil Bear.
Lil Bear is the one surfing on Grendel

By the Comic Artist Yastach :


Saturday, January 16, 2010

How to photograph FERRETS ...

How do you get your ferrets to cooperate for your photos ?

I got this questions many and many time :)

People "owned" by ferrets knows it is really hard to picture them.
They move a lot, they are fast, they are curious and put the nose on the lens.
It is a real challenge to capture them

* I take a lot of pictures in  a session, it can be over 300 to get 3 decent and one great pic. It is a statistic I have noticed ;)

* Nahum is more easy to picture. He is more patient with me and very calm. He is more old too. Nahum was 10 weeks old when I bring him to home so since the time he knows what I am doing when I have my camera in my hand.

* It is more difficult with Petit Ours (Bear) how is moving and bouncing all the time. That happens he doesn't move for a few second, so it is good to have a big memory card, and the finger always ready on the button. When I have an idea of photo I want to take, I prepare in advance all the things I need while they are sleeping. I test also my camera, for the lighting, etc... and after I will keep my little ones on the prepared place. Once some things are new, or moved, there are little curious, so more calm while the few minutes of exploratory.

- Time
- Patience
- Perseverance
- Great memory card
- Don't look at each photo you are taking on you camera, you will miss a great moment (Just verify at the beginning make   sure you camera is well settled)
- Put your body down, walk on your knees, and have toys with you
- Try to have the more light possible. Day light is the best ! But please avoid direct flash in their little eyes :(
- If you are enough lucky to have an external flash, please direct the light to the roof. Anyway the result will be better as the light will be reflected down by the roof.
- Use curtains, covers, sheets, carpets to make your decoration
- Use your creativity and imagination
- It is a time for to be with your ferret, play and take it easy
- And...if that didn't work... Well at least you have spend time with your baby ;)

Nahum laying on this big red chair, at first he didn't want to stay on it. I think I have reinstalled  him back on that chair and pink carpet perhaps more 20 times. It is also like a game. And they must to take it as a game too. After a while, he get tired and will stay here...

About the best camera :?

I have some wonderful shots (in my opinion)that I did with a little camera Konica Minolta Z2 (4 mega pixel)
Like this one

Breeze of Japan by =Yukkabelle on deviantART

I work also with a Nikon D60 and D200 which are pro, but with ferrets the magical receipt is not in the camera ;)

Ferrets are just perfect


Friday, January 15, 2010

Ferrets Fine Art prints, Ferrets Posters, Ferrets photos, Ferrets gifts, Ferret Artist,


My Prints Store on DeviantArt :

    • Wrapped canvases,
    • Art block frame
    • Fine Art print on canvas or paper (GiclĂ©e on Premium Canvas or on Premium Matte Paper)
    • Matte Photo Prints in many sizes
    • Lustre Photo Prints in many sizes
    • Glossy Photo Prints in many sizes
    • Greeting cards, postcards
    • Calendars,
    • mouse pads, coasters
    • Jigsaw puzzles
    • Fridge magnets
    • Mugs


    If you prefer I have a Store on Redbubble too :

    If you prefer I have a Store on Zazzle :*
    There is a ton of beautiful and useful products in my store.
    Don't hesitate to contact me for any custom request !

    Enjoy !


    Thursday, January 14, 2010

    The Ferret Studio

    My website has now his name domain and I am so proud to present you

    The Ferret Studio

    I know I need to work on the contents on it. My section of ferrets is too old and many links doesn't exist anymore.

    I will add my Ferret Faq on it

    There is the link to my store where you can find Fine Art Prints of Ferrets.
    There is the link to my Ferrets Gallery, nature and other photographies

    A lot of work again to do, and as always I am open to suggestions :)

    Enjoy !

    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    The Test of Time

    Sometimes I come upon some images where I can stay front of them for age.
    This morning that happens with this photography from John De Bord.

    The Test of Time by ^kkart on deviantART

    John is a fantastic nature photographer, who is able to put mood and atmosphere in his work.

    You know this kind of feeling when you are able to see yourself right inside those magical places.
    The power of teleportation by image. That is giant ! John has this power.
    His Colorado photography is just breathtaking.

    And for the pleasure of the eyes just some other of his photos

    Memories Of A Land Worked by ^kkart on deviantART

    The End of the Day by ^kkart on deviantART

    John De Bord on DeviantArt :
    He has a lot of more photographies to admire on his website :

    He is also known under the nick name of kkart  :)
    Not only he is a great photographer but he is also a very fantastic gentleman, a very nice guy always here to help others, and always so generous for giving tips and sharing his knowledge.  

    Enjoy !

    Monday, January 11, 2010

    100 million of cuteness

    Petit Ours / Lil Bear the white ferret :heart:

    * Full view please :)

    Yawning after a good nap on the couch in my red winter coat.

    100 Million of cuteness by =Yukkabelle on deviantART

    Available in many print sizes, canvas, wrapped canvas, art block frame, coasters, mouse pad, magnets, greeting cards, postcard, puzzle and mugs
    Preview of the prints here :

    More Art soon :)

    Sunday, January 10, 2010

    Ferrets comics from Yastach -

    Space Ferrets by ~Yastach on deviantART

    I have discovered an artist on the site Deviantart.
    At each new strip he downloads, I have a smile.
    So be ready, I will post them little by little :

    Link to Yastach gallery :

    And now the strips #4, 5, 6 and 7



    Hope you enjoy, more soon :)