Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Ferret Blue Bag photography ! Bloopers

First thank you to all my lovely supporters for to give me the strength to continue to post my photos

And the new Famous Blue Bag is here :

And for the pleasure of everybody who wonder how I do to get my ferrets still enough long for photos 

The Backstage and Bloopers !
First I need this ferret on the bed ! and the yellow sheet ...Hehehe ! 

Secondo I wanted this blue bag, I need to adjust the yellow sheet against the end of the bed

The yellow sheet is attached to the bed, time to put Lil Bear in the Bag ... LoL 

Ferret wonders : What is going on ?


Must to be a new game : enter in the bag and go out of the bag !

Hopefully the floor is not so far, and Hop !
Here you see can my "great setup" with the yellow sheet just at the end of the bed

Ok the game continues LoL ...  My mom must to be be crazy !!!

That is Lil Bear running out the bag : too cute !


Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Lord - Ferret Photo session - Backstage

I thought about a new photo with Nahum.

First I needed to change the backdrop.
On the floor there is Nahum sleeping there. Always pay attention to the little ferrets when they are with you !

Need to pick up Nahum, and bring him in a safe place, where he will be able to sleep again :D

Remove this grey backdrop, it is heavy, and it will be too much heavy for the stand.

I take care about my material, now it is time to fold him, it is a 10x20 size and always took me time

Ok now I need to install the backdrop I want to use

Now I am quite happy, take me a lot of time to adjust the height for to make the backdrop floor match my own floor...

Go in the garden the day before, in the ice and snow, kick with my boots this flowers pots to remove it from ice...
Washed it and now ready to use

Nahum always sleepy in the blanket :D Carefully take it. I don't want to excite him

Kisses time, I use a remote, my camera is on a tripod and settled to take pictures with the remote (very useful)

Now I must to make things fast and quick, and not to be far to Nahum, if he want to go out, he we simply jump and can injury himself. So I need to carefully watch him and understand what he want to do.

He is a lot wondering, what crasy thing his mom has invented again :no:
Kisses again, I am here Nahum, I am here :love:

I will not post all the pictures I took...

Here you see Nahum wants to go out, so it is rush time to catch him

I hope you enjoyed it

Update about Nahum and Lil Bear
Nahum cancer seems to comes back :no: he loses a lot of hair on his tail :(
 I called the vet who gave him the Deslorelin Implant, they gave me an appointment for Friday morning, I was so really happy ...  but they called me back again, the vet said that I need to see Nahum's regular vet. I explained I did, and I want him to see if all is ok with the implant, but they don't accepted to give me an appointment.
I am really lost there and not happy

Lil Bear is fine, his eye is less swollen and it is more yellow than red around his eye, but something very very strange, his tail his all yellow now ... beautiful fur but yellow

lil Bear will have an appointment with his regular vet, I will bring Nahum with me, but I know it will be for nothing as it not her she did the implant.

Sometimes ...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Valentine Wallpapers

Happy Valentine Day everybody

Ferret Passion Wallpaper :

It is Nahum under a Japanese umbrella :love:

It is my Valentine gift for all my Ferrets Lovers
Wallpaper in different sizes for different screens :

I hope you will like it in your desktop :)

:bulletblue:1024x768 :bulletblue:1280x1024 :bulletblue:1600x1200
:bulletblue:1920x1200 :bulletblue:1280x800:bulletblue:1920x1080

* Please ask for more screen sizes ;)

* I have changed the resolution of the images in a lower way, please tell me if the quality looks bad.

* Any problems with the wallpaper please contact me via note email at

There is plenty place at the left side, it is for the purpose of Wallpaper. I like when it is clean for to find easily my programs icons.

*Download button at the left on the wallpaper page :

Pictures © Marie-Agn├Ęs

Terms of Use: This is for your personal use as Desktop Wallpaper only.


And the other wallpaper, chocolate related !
Valentine chocolates wallpaper


Wallpaper in different sizes for different screens :

I hope you will like it in your desktop :)

:bulletblue:1024x768 :bulletblue:1280x1024 :bulletblue:1600x1200
:bulletblue:1920x1200 :bulletblue:1280x800:bulletblue:1920x1080

* Please ask for more screen sizes ;)

* Any problem ...please tell me :)

There is plenty place at the left side, it is for the purpose of Wallpaper.

*Download button at the left on the wallpaper page :

How that look my Lil Bear dancing ? ... Fantastic !!!
Huronna kindly made the animation of my lil boy with the begging photos ... LoL...

Enjoy !!!