Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ferret DIVA photography

Updates on Nahum and lil Bear :
Nahum has stopped to cough !
On last Tuesday both have seen their regular vet. She didn't saw them since November.
She was sad to see how Nahum's health has dropped.
She said to keep comfortably until his last journey. For now he has no pain and still enjoy little things of life.
The vet thinks perhaps I have 6 other months to live with Nahum if all stay like this.
6 months I must to enjoy plentifully ... If Nahum gives to me really those 6 months, I will be so thankful :)

She said also the bloody sentence, that one day I will must to be fair for Nahum.
I must to prepare myself. I prepare myself since December when he was diagnosed with his congestive heart failure.
But never I will be ready...never.
I hope I will not have the hard decision to help him to cross the bridge, I wish him to left our world while he is sleeping comfortably in his blanket at home.

Litle Bear :
The vet thinks he has a skin infection. His problem with his eye ... it is the skin around the eye which is swollen and red. The eye itself is correct. I am so relieved about that :D
So my lil boy is tortured two time per day by putting one drop of antibiotic in his eye... Oh yes that looks as I am tortured him ;)
And he has antibiotic that I can ad in his food. Well the soups seems to be really less delicious ;)
It is just for 15 days ... so ... not too long.

I am still waiting for the naturals treats for Nahum and Petit Ours !!! 
UPDATE : The treats are here  !!!! the treats are here  ... they arrived yesterday  morning (January 26,2010)


Nahum don't like the treats ... nooooo .... and Lil Bear neither .... Nooooo nooooo   :(

I have ordered new treats free of salt for my baby. Plenty of sorts with the hope there will be at least one  Nahum will love. I know my boy is very picky... But he loves NO ones .... cries...

Stella & Chewy Carnivore Kisses - Duck
Stella & Chewy Carnivore Kisses - Turkey Tidbits
Stella & Chewy Carnivore Crunch - Duck
Ziwi Peaks Cat Treat 3oz Lamb
Ziwi Peaks Cat Treat 3oz Liver
Ziwi Peaks Cat Treat 3oz Venison/Green Lipped Mussel
Wysong Dream Treats - Pheasant Small Bag 1.68oz

Well I have mixed a little of the Duck treats in the soupy, for my TWO little boys in the hope they will be used to the odor and taste... So they lapped up all the liquid and let the mashed meat...
.... hopelessly !!!


Diva is available on Deviant Art here :
In wide and slim format print here : [link] I suggest you to check the Beechwood colors block frame for to have a preview. Looks beautiful with this white frame.

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  1. I hope that they eat the soup that you made them, Marie-Agnes, and I hope that your babies are ok!!!

  2. thank you for following my blog,Marie-Agnes!
    kisses for you and your furry friends from Croatia!
    That photo of DEW ferret with pearls is just gorgeous!
    I will return this days to see older posts!

  3. Hi Amber,
    You are most welcome :) I love your musical choice on your blog, put me back in many years ago. You little Croatians ferrets are just gorgeous.
    Thank you for the nice words :)

  4. I love this new photo of yours. I hope Nahum outlives the timeframe your vet gave him.