Saturday, January 2, 2010

2 policemen

OMG what a day for the first day of the year...
At 9:30 P.M. somebody knocked at my door ... So I opened ...
Tow policemen ... why are they always so cute !!!
To have know I will have a great visit, I will have put nice clothes and arranged my hair.
Cheesecake !!!
For to make that short, it is a neighbor who called them, because there was 2 people trying to enter in my house... I heard nothing...perhaps I become deaf... that is my Petit Ours who transmits his deafness, must to be contagious ....
Anyway the guys was arrested, there were full of mark of feet on the snow all along my house crossing my garden and crossing the fence.
I have feel up a paper...and will perhaps have a convocation to court... Well I will see ....

At least they wished me an Happy New Year... the first people to wish me that in real (except all the nice wishes  I get in the virtual way and the phone call of my mother .... sad life ... )

No I didn't take pictures of them, I was enough nervous, I needed to think a lot for to give them my birth date...


  1. Poor you! That would have been scary indeed! Happy New Year:)

  2. In first I was not sure to understand what it happened... After a few minutes, I became so nervous.
    Thank you, Happy New Year to You too :)

  3. Wow! Something like this happened to me in Chicago. At 3:00 am, four police officers were at my door asking if I heard one of my neighbors yelling that they were in trouble. I never heard a thing. Bonne nouvelle anee. Did I spell that right?

    P.S. when you asked about the links in my profile...I didn't even know I could set links up. You can see them now. Thanks for teaching me that.

  4. Crazy scaring thing !!!

    Ya the spell is right,the french expression is:
    - "Bonne année" or
    - "Bonne et heureuse nouvelle année"

    Happy New Year to you too :)

    Yeah ! see your links now, more easy to reach you :) You are most welcome, I am still learning how to use this blog ;)