Monday, January 25, 2010

Advertising, your ad, ads on my blog.

I am an official Publisher !

I just created a new space for advertising, it is on the margin at left.

There is space for two ads.
The format must to be a square of 125 x 125 px

The advertising is with Project Wonderful. I figured out how that worked. It is new for me.
You put bid on the space you want  for to have your ad on it.
The biding starts at 0$
The first one who will bid on it, it will be at no cost until somebody else bid on it.

You need to be logged in to be able to bid for to have the ad space.
If you don't have account, you can create one easily, and be good to go in seconds.

I have categorized  the advertising opportunity as pets and  animals, but it can be also related in any kind of Art, as books, jewelry anything fancy and beautiful. My site is family open, so your ad, ads  can only be related to things that children can see.

Update : OMG the two places are already taken !


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