Wednesday, January 20, 2010

FERRET Wallpaper - The Bath tub

That is little Bear the white ferret in the bath-tub.

Bath-Tub Wallpaper by =Yukkabelle on deviantART

He is always so cute, asking for to go in the tub, and asking for go out... all the time :giggle:


Wallpaper in different sizes for different screens :

I hope you will like it in your desktop :)

:bulletblue:1024x768 :bulletblue:1280x1024 :bulletblue:1600x1200
:bulletblue:1920x1200 :bulletblue:1280x800:bulletblue:1920x1080

* Please ask for more screen sizes ;)

* I have changed the resolution of the images in a lower way, please tell me if the quality looks bad.

*Download button at left on the wallpaper page  :

There will be more wallpapers ... soon !

Enjoy !

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