Monday, April 18, 2011

My little basket - new Ferret Binder -

A new beautiful and so cute new ferret binder featuring the little Queen Doodle

The original photography of my girl 

 And now the new binder :
You can find it here : little basket binder

Yes it is available for sale !
And yes I take special request if you wish to have it personalized with your name or the name you want :D
I truly Love how the back turned out !




  1. Superbe classeur ... les coloris sont charmants et très harmonieux ... J'aime beaucoup Doodle dans le panier .... Beaucoup de recherche et d'originalité .... Félicitations Marie .... c'est magnifique ...

  2. so cute! I am doing a ferret photo shoot with my boyfriend's ferret Toby and my ferret Chloe for easter! it will be fun I will post on my blog later this week

  3. Merci beaucoup Mimicy, c'est vraiment super gentil :)

    Elsa : I can't wait to see the photos !