Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Katrina Crochet - Ferret Art -


A few weeks ago I received a beautiful gift in memories of Nahum accompanied with delicious crochet goodies ...
Katrina has a big golden heart. She already sent me in the past an effigy of Anika when my little girl crossed the bridge. 

And here is my Beloved Nahum holding a big heart  ... precious ...
 Yes she did his so very special speckled little nose !

 A mini crochet ball ... Looks big here, but is so tiny ... Katrina is so talented and meticulous
 A ferret toy : an adorable little mouse !!!

 I am just in love with this curled tail ... How cute !!!

 How handsome ... a so elegant little man !!!
 A mini sleep sack...I love the colors !
I Love my mother windows in her kitchen !
We can see my green car in the back ... LoL...  
Nahum looks almost alive ...
And this one is my Little Bear, I will keep this one in my car. He will protect us while we are on the road.
Thank you so much Katrina for your deep kindness and generosity
I cherish the presents you made especially for me in memories of my so precious and so missed beloved Nahum.

Much much Love to you and your little one

Marie-Agnes & Petit Ours & Doodle 

*Nahum ever forever* I Love You


  1. so adorable, she is so talented!

  2. Cette personne a beaucoup de talent pour faire ces adorables et mignonnes petits choses ... elles sont vraiment très réussis ... c'est exquis .... compliments pour la créatrice ... et merci de ce partage ...