Monday, April 25, 2011

Mirror Mirror - Beautiful Doodle - The Ferret Queen -

Mirror Mirror - the backstage of "Mirror Mirror" Portrait
Many people always ask me how I am able to picture my ferrets.
Ferrets are always in motion and move fast.
There is no magic here, just patience !
My ferrets move too ;)

 The scenery
 One attempt with Lil Bear, Petit Ours :
  One attempt with Doodle, it is Lil Bear I have in my hand
 Doodle's Butt
 Sad Doodle isn't in focus in this one :
I have so many of picture like this one : 

And finally ... Eureka One good :
I just have 2 good pictures from this session, no one with Petit Ours (Lil Bear) 


  1. cute! I did a ferret photoshoot this weekend for Easter on my blog, I couldn't get both the ferrets together so I just have shots of them seperate

  2. Quelle patience pour une belle photo .... un vrai travail d'artiste .... et pour finir ... une superbe composition avec ce bel environnement ... Félicitations Marie

  3. Hello Marie...My name is Judy I am one of your friends on Deviant Art.Now I am doing a blog on Blogger. Check out my space here if you like. I hope this message will take you to my site..Thanks for looking Judy. I hope I did this right.

  4. Thank you Everybody ! Et Merci à toi Mimi pour ces compliments qui me vont droit au coeur.

    Hi Judy !!! You did everything right ! And I just visited your blog and let a message on it :D

  5. Replies
    1. Hi Dee ! I am glad you appreciated the process :D
      Thank you for your message !