Monday, February 1, 2010

The Treats - The RESULTS -

hopelessly !!! hopelessly !!!  hopelessly !!!

This article follow this thread : how to make your ferrets to love new treats ? 

The only progress is that Nahum took the new treat in his mouth. 
Ohhhhh .... how happy I was...but... It was too much beautiful for to be true.
Nahum just put the treat on the floor...and didn't eat it .... Hopelessly :(
So I took another treat and gave it to Nahum, crossed my fingers, but ... he just put this 2nd treat on the floor more far than the other one...

Oh well the message was clear !!!

Well Lil Bear now. He was up on his legs on my little night table and was begging as always for the treat. 
So I presented the new treat to him. It was worse than Nahum, he even don't touched it, but he smelled it a lot. And with his nose had make a real perfect inspection...  The treat didn't encounter the high standard of Bear's taste.

So I took the  new Ziwi Peak treats and recovered them with the Luv Cat treats without the facial tissue this time...
And let them for 2 other days... But no luck ... the same pattern !

The package of the treats was definitely more interesting than anything :


At least my 2 cats love the treats !


  1. Ahhh,, didn't quite full them.. But I think It's a great sign that Nahum would take it in his mouth.. Jaffa would never eat any treats when I first got him, but he would take them and put them on the floor just like Nahum.. I offered it to him everyday..One day he decided to eat it like the others.. Since then he has loved treats.. Keep trying Marie-Agnes.. They may finally figure out it's food. Once they do,, you have won the battle. The new treats do feel different to them.. They don't believe it's a safe food

    I love the photos,, typical ferrets.. Hehe


  2. Na ... not safe at all they believe !!!
    I will not give up :)

    Thank you Dar23 :)

  3. LOL I thought you did the typing mistake on purpose. I have friends who tease me with that.

    I am trying to do the the opposite with N bones. Kahlua and Boodles don't like N bones but they love the treats. So I have put some pieces of n bones in the treat bottle to see if I can get them to try them. N bones are so good for the teeth.

    Still got my fingers crossed for you,,


  4. Hahaha ... no ... I wonder why 23 ???

    just because the 3 is near the 4 ... LoL

    Good luck with you N bones ... they turn us as nuts ... :D

  5. It is now February 9th 7 days after I cut an n bone into bite size pieces and put it in the jar with the luvs and the jerky treats. I have offered a piece of N bone to Kahlua and Boodles everyday with no luck. Kahlua would sometimes carry it off but that was it. No eating it. This morning I offered her an n bone piece again and guess what Yukka?? She took it off and this time she ate it.. Yay!! Maybe she will start to eat them now. Just gotta get Boodles to finally try one..

    Like I said, we just gotta be more stubborn then they are.. hehe

    Hope all is well with the boys,,


  6. I didn't know you had cats! Do they get along with Doodle?

  7. Yes I have two cats : Soleil and Basile

    Soleil who is 10 is playful with the ferrets but Basile doesn't to know anything, he is 15 years old...

    Doodle chases the 2 cats, and they run away, Doodle always wins !

  8. Basile *doesn't want to know anything *