Friday, February 5, 2010

Nahum has is own music !!!

Allo everybody,

Oh well Nahum has touched many hearts :D

A nice young musician just finished a song for Nahum
This guy has a  real sweet soul, he is a very nice person.

He is a poet too. Many talents...
Nahum's song can be listen here :

It is the third music on the box music list, just click on the name Nahum :)

The music bounces just like a ferret...

Even if your are not into electronic music, you will see easely ferrets dancing on it  !!!

I love it, so funny, happy, sunny, just like a ferret must be !

Enjoy !


  1. This song is so great! Does it fit Nahum well?

  2. Yes it fits perfectly too Nahum, certainly more when Nahum is in good mood with a little boost of energy :)