Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Ferret Blue Bag photography ! Bloopers

First thank you to all my lovely supporters for to give me the strength to continue to post my photos

And the new Famous Blue Bag is here :

And for the pleasure of everybody who wonder how I do to get my ferrets still enough long for photos 

The Backstage and Bloopers !
First I need this ferret on the bed ! and the yellow sheet ...Hehehe ! 

Secondo I wanted this blue bag, I need to adjust the yellow sheet against the end of the bed

The yellow sheet is attached to the bed, time to put Lil Bear in the Bag ... LoL 

Ferret wonders : What is going on ?


Must to be a new game : enter in the bag and go out of the bag !

Hopefully the floor is not so far, and Hop !
Here you see can my "great setup" with the yellow sheet just at the end of the bed

Ok the game continues LoL ...  My mom must to be be crazy !!!

That is Lil Bear running out the bag : too cute !



  1. They are so unpredictable! But what would life be like without their zaniness?


  2. Hehe! Wow, that must have taken a long time. :)
    This is Icegaze-of-riverclan by the way. :) I love your website! Pretty backgrounds. :D

  3. I think that even the candid shots are beautiful.


  4. trop beau ! j'aime beaucoup ce petit manège ...

  5. Quelle patience ... mais une réalisation merveilleuse .... La photo est très belle

  6. Merci Mimicy, je ne sais pas lequel des 2 est le plus patient ... LoL ... lui aussi il lui en faut pour supporter les folies de sa mere !

    Merci beaucoup Véronique de ton passage sur mon blog. Tu vois nous avons chacun notre petit monde. Le mien bien poilu et avec beaucoup d'idées dans la tite tête.

    Natalie, Thank you so much for your nice words :)

    Hey !Icegaze-of-riverclan ! Thank you for coming here and for your positive comment about the website background. Glad you like !
    Hahaha ... I didn't have count my time, but not as much ;)

    sakura_kyoshi, Allo :D
    Omg you are so true there, life will be not a true interesting and lovely life without their zaniness ...

  7. Oh, ferrety sweetness.
    So lovely!
    I once made a setup for my ferret,
    but it totally failed...
    Also with a sheet attached to the bed.
    But the thought other stuff was way more interesting than me..