Monday, December 21, 2009

Nahum diagnosis

* Mitral Regurgitation- moderate
* Congestive Heart Failure

Nahum has fluid build up in his chest. On the Xrays we were barely able to see his chest, because all was white, the same for his heart. Too much fluid. The heart is abnormally so big.

With the echocardiogram the Dr was able to see the heart condition. Nahum has a leak from one of his heart valve (the mitral, on the left side of the heart)

Nahum condition has deteriorated in the space of 4 days. On Tuesday the vet for the Deslorelin implant (for the adrenal glands cancer) heard an heart murmur, but Nahum chest was clear. Nahum was still in the mood to play with some energy. He was fine, on Wednesday too. But on Thursday Nahum started to cough. First time I have heard a ferret coughing. It is very panicking, a very loud sound as a mad duck yelling. On Saturday he started to breathe very rapidly and shallow, and more coughing. This last night (Night of Sunday to Monday morning) he was uncomfortable, trying to place himself for to sleep, coughing more...

Nahum was a good little boy at the clinic, as always the more gentle soul on this world.
They also did an injection of a diuretic for to try to remove all the fluids from the chest.

Right now he has a medication for his congestive heart failure : "Prilium"
I am waiting for two other medications, that need to be compounding especially. At the pharmacy they said to me that will take a few days. I said it was an emergency ... blablabla... normally I will have them tomorrow.

Nahum has another appointment on next Thursday at 12.00 pm. The cardiologist want to see if the medication is helping, if Nahum has stop to cough.

Nahum is not an animal, or only a ferret, or a pet... Nahum is Nahum ...


  1. Nahum is your baby! I hope he can still live a wonderful life with this illness. I love the picture of the paw!

  2. What a beautiful boy! I think most products have salt ;( but you can make your own pureed chicken or other meat, with maybe a little sweet potato. Cook until the bones are soft, then run it through the blender. Just be careful that the poultry you buy isn't injected with broth or that will be salted too.

  3. Thank you so much Natalie :o)

    Thank you to Anonymous poster for your very nice words and the great suggestion :o)