Friday, December 18, 2009

Nahum new Implant and heart murmur

Today for the first time I have hear Nahum coughing : 3 times until this morning... And I know it is a very bad sign.

The last news:

Nahum had his appointment on Tuesday with the vet who given him the Deslorelin implant in last June.
It is not his regular vet. Because the regular vet isn't able to get this implant.

The implant normally is good for around 12 months...but in this summer, the gate between Bear and Nahum was bad installed ...... and Bear bitten Nahum right on the implant and broken it in 2 pieces. So it is probably for that the implant has not worked so long.

This implant is for to help to control the hormones so to control the progression of the Adrenal cancer.
With this kind of cancer, the adrenal glands over product hormones, the glands become so very big, malformed make pressure on the prostate, and gives pee problem, with unbalanced hormones, ferrets lose also their fur and there are plenty of other bad symptoms.

The implant is a new product, not yet accept in US nor in Canada. It is an Australian product used for years in Europe with great success. For to be able to get this implant, veterinaries need to make long procedure with government autorization.

Before this implant Nahum and also lil Bear have had monthly injection of Lupron, a regular medicine for also control the cancer. The implant seems to be more effective than the Lupron and very less painful that this regular injection in the tiny muscle of the rear leg. (Poor babies)

The implant normally is good for around 12 months...

Now Nahum's visit :

I was concerned that his adrenal cancer was coming back because all the symptoms were back : very swollen belly and pee probem, less energy...

Effectively Nahum belly is more big. And it is all filed with fluids. Nahum has gain weight : 200 grams, so 200 grams of fluids.

The diagnostic is an hearth murmur. The heart doesn't work enough strong, the blood doesn't circulate well, so for some biological reason fluids is retain in his belly.

His belly is big, too heavy for the poor tiny rear legs. Nahum isn't enough strong, so it is for that he has a very difficult time to walk, and has stopped to run. So I imagine he has less muscles too.

This Dr has contacted the cardiologist for an appointment for Nahum. Nahum must to have an ultrasound for to know what is exactly his heart problem. If I understood well it can be two kind of problems : the "walls" (please right word ?) of the heart are to tick or those "walls" are enlarged.

What he said is that he can take right now a Xray of Nahum's heart, but the only thing we will see, is that his heart is abnormality big. With an ultrasound we will know exactly why the heart is more big. Depending the case, the medicine isn't the same. But I understood the problem can be well controlled.

Also yes the Adrenal cancer symptoms are also back, even Nahum's little tits are more big. It is because he has too much estrogen hormones...

So Nahum has a new Deslorelin implant between the shoulder.

Nahum didn't suffer even if the needle was huge, he was licking ferretone !

The Altavista Hospital called me, and Nahum has an appointment next Monday at 9:45 a.m. with the cardiologist.

I don't have understand why but, the cardiologist will only make the ultrasound in the afternoon. So I will stay all the day at the clinic.

What is very scaring me, is this sudden cough ... Do you think Nahum will be able to wait until Monday ?
On Tuesday I asked the vet if Nahum heart condition is an emergency, and he said no. But he said : more soon is better.

A gift of Hope and Love for my Nahum from


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  1. Bartleby also coughed a lot when we lived in Chicago. The vet he had did an ultrasound & said that his heart was a little enlarged and the walls were thick. He was still healthy enough at the time for us not to have to treat it. When we moved to Vegas, the coughing stopped. I don't really know what the cause was. I hope Nahum is okay.