Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I have cold ?

I have  headache, runny nose, nasal congestion, I sneeze a lot, using ton of facial tissues  I feel my  nose so big like a potato and I feel so tired. I have pain on my kidneys, and everywhere.  I  use all the time the hand sanitizer to not contaminate my babies. My petit Ours is fine, but I wonder about Nahum, his nose makes noise, as a little congested. It was really something I DIDN'T NEED !!!
Ferrets do not get colds. Colds are due to rhinoviruses, which are species specific virus. Ferrets may get influenza, but not colds. But how I can be sure about what I have.
I was not able to put my hand on the Sponge Bob thermometer ... So I don't know if I have fever, and I feel too bad to go the pharmacy. Only I hope that my ferrets are safe especially Nahum who is already enough sick like this.

Oh well ...

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Sick Day for Maddy by ~Haly-K on deviantART

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