Sunday, April 18, 2010

..................... Madness for Freedom .......................When a ferret is mad at you !

That is my Petit Ours Lil Bear

I was laying on the floor approaching to him for more photos ... Just before this shot below he was mad at me because he wanted to go out the room, but I didn't let him go, I wanted to continue to take pictures of him...and in more Nahum was on the other side...

When he saw me to approach to him, he had this very own expression  that you can see on the image below of himself, saying :

uh ? ... Really ? ... it is true ? ... I will be free ? Freedom  ?

That is his look full of hope :

Please click on the image to go to the original page and click again on the picture to see it bigger. They are nice details on it of Lil Bear precious eyes and fur... The photo was taken with a Tamron Macro lens ...

Ok some very nice people asked to see those black triangular mad eyes.

Here it goes :aww:

Petit Ours is front of the fence, a Plexiglas fence (that I tried to manage with my best.) 
Oh well he has already his tiny eyes, and he is looking at me by the side...

I didn't let him go to the other side, so he turned his body back to the fence and came front to me, with this very lovely look, a special look of him, when his isn't happy... No aggresivity, never ... just those black triangular eyes piercing my mind ...

Here Lil Bear wants to make sure I understand well his disapprobation !

As it seems I understood NOTHING ! Lil Bear (Petit Ours) returned front to the fence again !!! And turned his beautiful head with this amazing look ... LoL ... Poor little boy he tried so hard to show me what he wanted : 

He is just too precious !

Finally when he saw that nothing will work, and that he will stay in the big room, Petit Ours go to bed, but no ... he wasn't sleeping !!! he was still looking at me with his darling black eyes !

Hey readers don't be mad at me too !!! Yes Lil Bear has had his Freedom a little more late !!!

In the same series when Lil Bear was still happy :
Please click on the image to go to the original page and click again on the picture to see it bigger.



  1. Petit Ours est vraiment très expressif... et très photogénique ... Tel un artiste, il doit bien apprécié la pose ... très jolies photos ...
    Bravo aux artistes ....

  2. He is so precious! I love all the photos. I have seen that frustrated face many times in my ferrets.

  3. so sweet <3
    I know that kind of look very well ;)
    mine two use to go to the flat doors and they stand there and look at me: what are you waiting for? open the door! don't you see? we are ready for go out..

  4. Merci pour ces instants de grâce