Wednesday, April 7, 2010

AEROSOL Chamber - Ferret Bronchitis Treatment -

That is the chamber specially made for cats, that comes with two sizes of mask

There is hole at the end for to install the aerosol inhalator

That is my plushy ferret as model :D ... You need to put your ferret nose inside the mask...
Nahum wasn't pleased at all with this ... it was a lot of stress ...Can you Imagine !

You need to hold your ferret, you need to hold the chamber and to make a push... That is THE challenge !

I did many tries of many ideas, and end up with this :

Yes I patched the little holes with scotch tape ;)

I always start with the blue pump...make sure to have the pump in the right sens. On the photo
it isn't in the right sens,the pump must to be vertical (time to adjust all the things while the photo was taken)

I wait 15 seconds, I let the pump to fall and pet Nahum inside the bag...

I reopen big the bag to let fresh air enter ...

Now I repeat with the orange pump

Here the pump is on right sens :
Petting Nahum while the 15 seconds of wait...
Nahum right after his treatment:
Nahum loves his basket, and this spot in the living room, it is why I use it and I did it in this place.
When the treatment is finish I remove the plastic...Nahum knows now it is finished.

Hi Everybody

First a big thank you for all the answers and great suggestions you gave to me. You all have helped me to finally find a way to do Nahum Bronchitis treatment with the less stress possible.

An idea brought another idea, and with many tries I ended up to put Nahum in his round basket, or in his sleeping bag and all this lovely kit in a long transparent plastic bag. I put my hand inside it holding the Inhalator aerosol. With my other hand I close the plastic bag around my wrist (around the hand inside the bag holding the Inhalator) And I did a push ...

(I don't use anymore the Aerosol Chamber, the plastic mask stresses Nahum.)

Between the 2 kind of Inhalator aerosol (Flovent HFA (125mcg)& APO Salvent (100mcg)) I open completely the plastic bag to let enter fresh air.

I talked about this with the technician at the Animal hospital and she said to let Nahum 15 seconds like this in the plastic bag. It was confirmed by the cardiologist who said 15 seconds, no more 20 seconds, because the danger of the CO2, counting at least 10 breaths of Nahum (but Nahum has a very fast breath, so I go with the 15 seconds)

So if one day you have to go through this treatment with your ferret, please ask to your vet, about this procedure for to make sure about how long and about how many breaths you need to let your little one in this "big chamber"
For now I don't see a real improvement, but at least Nahum condition isn't worse so I believe he is stabilized.

Now about the blood test, Nahum is too much low in potassium and Nahum has a new supplement to take each 12 hours.

- potassium 1 ml (2 x day) (2 mL : 468mg of Potassium Gluconate)

For one week Nahum has had 1 ml per 24 hours, but the Dr did another blood test, and the potassium was still low. So now for two weeks Nahum will have 1 ml at each 12 hours, and after we will return at 1 ml per day.

Nahum poops have changed a lot : more liquid, almost formed, a lot gas, not black, but dark brown. We are not certain what is causing this, if it the potassium supplement ? if it is the bronchitis treatment or something else ?

Nahum has already Fortiflora supplement since almost 3 months, and that helped him a lot at first, but seems to be less efficient.

Any questions please ask



  1. Je comprends mieux la difficulté et surtout ton procédé pour soigner ton petit Nahum.
    C'est une excellente idée ... j'espère qu'elle est efficace ...

  2. What a clever way to give him treatment! I hope he gets better soon.