Monday, October 21, 2013

When no more ferrets, ..., there is Sweet Pea !

Allo everybody

Again thank you to all of you who take the time and the courage to
write to me sharing their happiness as their tears of sorrow. Thank
you also for all those very nice words and compliments concerning my
photography. But you you know, the models did all the work, a very
good job. Without my models, there will be no soul on my work.

And now ... yes there is a new angel in my life. The spca called me
telling me they had a beautiful and gentle abandonned ferret. I know
nothing about him, no information.

He had an appointment with my vet and he is perfectly healthy! Yeah!
I named him Sweet Pea! He is approximatively 2 years old. My vet gave
him the vaccine and also the Deslorelin implant.

Sweet Pea isn't litter trained, but do in the same spot. If I put the
litter pan at this spot, my intelligent little boy push it to make his
poops and pee back the litter pan! lol

At our first time at the SPCA, when I took him in my arms he put his
head in my neck and didn't move all the time during the papers and
forms...He fell aslepp in my harms. He adopted me for sure. There
was also no doubts in my headabout what I was doing.

And Voila! I know one day I will again be in a big sorrow, but I
will try to live one day by day and thank the life for what it is
given to me.

Doodle, Lil Bear, Nahum, Anika, Cody, Apollo are still in my heart as
the others pets who shared their so precious life with me. Their pain,
sorrow and loud cries are wounds on my heart and the scars will never

Again thank you to each of you who have supported me in this tragic
time in my life.

With Love,
Marie-Agnes and Sweet Pea

Marie-Agnes Doodle & Bear
Anika & Cody & Apollo at the Rainbow with Charly at their side :(

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