Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some little Reflexions to make life better !

 * It is better to hear the 2 sounds of a bell before to make your judgment  !

 * It is better to collect all the informations before to jump on one and only one conclusion !

* It is better to look on the entire situation before to make accusations !
* It is better to take the time to see what is what before to rush on the roofs and yell wrong things !

* When the bad is done, it is always TOO late, you can do apologies, in all the ways you want.
When a person is hurt, healing need process, apologies don't cure nothing.

* I am not an idiot, I have enough years and big life experience behind me for to have wisdom and maturity

* I have a great memory, and I will not blame those who don't and forgot me.

* Seriously ???
My time is precious, I have just a few and use it intelligently ...

* I have a big heart, I always forgive those who hurt me, but will hide myself trying to avoid more pain.

*I have a family, I have friends, I have people who I love and who love me. I have people who are not friends, who are not family, I can't say I love them or they love me, but we have share something : I have meet you for true, I am working with you, we have share pain and sadness, or we have exchanged knowledge, we have share happy news, you send me gift to try to make my mourn more easy, I sent you money or prints to help you out ...

All of you are in my book ... an address-book ...

* After to have received 27 messages from different people  asking if I plan to make a new calendar this year, I pushed my butt, and did a new one...not for sell...but for to make people happy. Anyway big joke, their are on base prices, my goal is to know people are smiling thanks to my models and the gift I have to capture them. I don't try to sell, I inform you it is available for sale.

* Ohhhh .... boy !

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  1. Superbes photos Marie .... je les aime beaucoup ... elles sont toutes merveilleuses mais les 2 dernières encore plus ... elles mettent bien en valeur la petite frimousse de Petit Ours ... je n'ai pas tout compris les textes ... (problème de traduction) ... mais c'est très beau et très émouvant ... compliments pour ce très bel article et encore félicitations pour le nouvel "habillage"

  2. Compliments Marie ... tes textes sont criants de vérité .... De très belles règles de vie ... d'autant plus remarquables qu'ils sont accompagnés de magnifiques photos ....
    Un ensemble parfaitement réussi
    Compliments et gros bisous

  3. AWWWwwww ! Merci à vous 2 pour tous ces compliments. Mais sans notre adorable petite vedette cet article n'aurait aucun charme :)

    Moi c'est la 4ieme photo que j'aime, pas à cause de la qualité, mais à cause de l'expression de Petit Ours, il a l'air tellement polisson avec ses petites dents ... et en plus, c'est difficile de figurer, mais moi je le sais, il est sur le dos, donc la bedaine et les 4 fers en l'air ! ...

    Trop Choupinou le petit coco :)
    Bisous à vous 2