Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nahum the Ferret First Promenade of the Year !

It was a beautiful day today, very warm, and I was free !!!
So I puted the stroller in my car and drove to go to the river :)
Nahum was happy to go in the carrier in the car, he loves trip in car.
He was so happy when I installed him in his stroller.
When I found a place clean and dry for his little paws, I putted him down.
But immediately he ran to me and climbed on my knees.
I tried 2-3 times, but definitively Nahum didn't want to walk, but wanted to enjoy to roll in the stroller.

 You see Nahum seems so very comfortable in his blanket, and that warm up my heart.
The winters are so long, and I was in the hope that Nahum will enjoy again those little "walks"

And here is the river, and there is still some ice on the water, but the sun was so hot today !
Even if Nahum didn't walk, the emotions, excitement of the trip & of to be out, made him very tired
With his heart illness, the smallest little thing make him exhausted almost immediately.
Emotions, even the happy ones give to him a kind of stress on his fragile old little body

I love this photo so much where his white fur matches perfectly the ice on the river.
And Nahum looks peaceful !
 I like lonely places, I have walk a little while for to be in this place,
But a man and woman surprised me, while I was making crazy exercices to try to photograph my lil boy
Perhaps they have thought I am insane...but they kindly said to me : "Hello"
They had a big smile, but me because I was surprised I was a little freeze
And they left...
We stayed here a few moments again, I putted Nahum in his stroller, and zipped it.
I took photograph of ice in the water ... I saw a new contest of abstract photography by nature.
Not sure if I am too late or not to enter in the contest...

I hope you enjoyed our first promenade as we do !!!

Sadly my Lil Bear doesn't enjoy it... He is as crazy in the stroller scratching everywhere and in leash he walks backwards...crazy crazy Lil Bear ;)


  1. Petit Ours walks backwards! That is very funny. I love the photos of Nahum by the river. They are so beautiful, and it looks like he had a lot of fun.

  2. <3 I absolutely love this!!!

    Nahum is so gorgeous and amazing. You two must of had such a wonderful time.

    Such beautiful pictures!

    InuRyoko - Deviantart

  3. Quelle agréable journée tu sembles avoir passé... profitant des merveilleux premiers jours de printemps ... Nahum donne l'impression d'avoir beaucoup apprécié cette petite promenade ...
    Encore de la glace chez vous ? Ici il fait meilleur depuis quelques jours et nous avons profité de belles journées ...
    A bientôt Mimicy

  4. C'était une magnifique journée en effet!! Ça fait du bien de voir le printemps revenir! Nahum a l'air d'avoir adoré cette journée lui aussi. Surtout se faire bronzer au soleil sur tes jambes ;)

  5. Photographs of beautiful.