Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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Dear Good Friend,
How do you do? With every optimism that all is well with you.
I refer to the letter I posted to your address but did not hear from you and decided to email once again. I have the intention to invest in your country and as well seek your services in a private and confidential matter.
On my routine inspection I discovered a dormant domiciliary account with the deposit of (Euro 9.6 Million ) by a deceased client of mine - a nationality of your country without any heir. I write to seek your indulgence and assistance in moving this funds to your country through legal means.
NOTE: My plan is to invest my own share of the money in your country.
1. What other lucrative investments would you suggest as I intend to invest on REAL ESTATE AND HOTELS if they are good business venture in your country.
2. Can you make residential documents and purchase a house for me and my family to relocate and settle in your country after my retirement in 3 months time.
Let me know your availability and willingness to assist me so that we can discuss more on your role and profit in this partnership.
I wait for your response and contact telephone number for prompt communication.
Kind regards,
Adresse :4, Rue Achille Renй-Boisneuf

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